After recently proposing to my girlfriend it was interesting to sit down and consider what changes have to made post-proposal. Yes, it certainly is the best moment of your life, getting down on one knee, and asking that question: will you marry me? But then comes the mad excitement from family and friends as well as the planning that has to start at some point.

Letting Everyone Know

The first step after spending some time with your new fiancé basking in the afterglow is to contact everyone. There are no rules as to how to do this but keep in mind you may tread on some toes according to who you tell first!

  • Let your parents know first (this is a no brainer!)
  • Call your best friends next, especially if you think they might be best man or maid of honour material.
  • Be careful to tell everyone not to go mad on Facebook or other social networking services. This should be left up to the happy couple.

There will be some that you do not have time to get in contact with but make sure you try your best to get to everyone. It is also a good chance to take advantage of proud parents syndrome as they will be more than happy to contact extended family and family friends for you.

Planning the Engagement Party

The next big hurdle to get over will be the engagement party that will be almost like planning a mini test wedding. Remember, don’t go over the top as you have to save some resources and ‘wow factor’ for the wedding. Keep it within the realms of family and close friends and you may have to have more than one depending on where your partners family is.

Setting a Date

When setting a date for the wedding start out very broad and work your way in. Do not start out with an exact date as this will only disappoint you later if you cannot secure a good wedding venue or church. The important thing at the start is the type of season you want although keep in mind everyone loves a spring wedding so it can get competitive with places getting booked out well in advance.

Planning the Big Day

You should not be thinking about planning the wedding in too much detail immediately but you will be surprised how quickly time flies! Use your post engagement time as a chance to figure out what both of you will want in your wedding. It is also the best time to put a price on everything so you and your partner don’t get out of control!

Congratulations and Good Luck With Your Wedding Day!

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