It is not a secret that the bride is the most important part of a wedding and a lot of the decisions will rest on her shoulders. So what exactly does a groom do to help out with the wedding? You may have already read all the rubbish in wedding magazines about what the groom is responsible for and what a bride is responsible for but in a modern world this is nonsense.

Equal Shares Not Separate Tasks

While some of the wedding (such as the dress) will be chosen specifically by the bride to be important things like a wedding venue will be up to the couple. In a modern world is no longer enough for a future husband to just sit back, plan a bucks night and let his fiance do all the work. Helping to choose a wedding venue (including the ceremony) should be agreed on by both parties.

This will lead to a happier wedding day as the bride and the groom can both enjoy the venue and have not missed out on anything. Traditionally, there has been a separation to the point of the bride and groom paying for separate parts of the wedding as well! This immediately creates a sense of separation between the couple and should be avoided. After all, the wedding will have a total cost and this needs to be shared evenly as it is not as though your finances will not be joined after the wedding anyway!

Doing Things Together

Before the wedding it is important to as much as you can together as a couple and this includes booking a venue. Even though a groom may not have a strong view on the colour scheme or scenery he might want a certain sized venue or a particular place. Discussion is key and if you do the inspections together no-one is feeling left out.

Of course, the bride will probably have the final say and most grooms just want their lady to be happy on their special day. This can be a big help to brides as your fiance should know enough about you to steer you in the right direction, especially if you are being overwhelmed by the amount of wedding venues out there.

A Level Headed Approach

It is easy to get over excited by a wedding venue and want to book it just because of where it is or how pretty it looks. It is good to have both of you there as at least one of you will have a pragmatic approach and consider the costs of the venue as well. You want to find something beautiful and perfect but you do not want to be ripped off either.

Men are a little less sentimental at times when it comes to a wedding venue so their point of view is important. Most venues will be on the ‘expensive’ side but a future husband just might know when too much is too much. So make sure you bring your future husband to any wedding venue you are considering hiring and include them in the decision making process even if he does not seem interested. The wedding will be important to him too otherwise he never would have popped the question.

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