Choosing a car or other vehicle for your wedding can get a little overlooked sometimes. It is not just about convenience but also about style and personality. While there are cost considerations it is a chance to enjoy a dream car (especially for the guys) for at least a day. While limos are standard fare there is a huge market in Sydney and other places for unique vehicles for wedding days.

For the Reception

The reception vehicle is important because you want to rock up at your wedding in style (as well as comfort). You will also have to consider who and how many people will be travelling in the vehicles. You will probably want to have a standard set of cars but you may want to use it as a chance for both bride and groom to pick appropriate vehicles.

The bride will want to having something she can enjoy with her bridal party and perhaps her parents. While the groom may just want something that makes a lot of noise or even motorcycles! It means that both bride and groom can make a big entrance that they and their guests can enjoy.

Getaway Car

The getaway car will either be one of the vehicles you have used for the service or something that suits both bride and groom. This will take you either to the airport to head off on the all important honeymoon or to a lush hotel! It does not have to be big as it will just be the two of you so make sure it has a sense of luxury. Afterall, it will be the first time you will be spending time alone as a couple.

Classic Cars

Classic cars and hot rods have become very popular in the last few years. Instead of standard new cars or limos these offer beautiful lines, chrome and that old fashioned sound! Be sure to hire from a reputable and trustworthy business as the last thing you want is a breakdown. Double check that they have replacement (similar to what you want) vehicles at the standby in case of a disastrous breakdown.

New Vehicles

As we said above, classic cars tend to be a bit older so are more likely to break down. Hiring a new vehicle can still give a sense of luxury but with an added sense of security and reliability. If you are going to go with new cars then hire something you would love to buy if you were rich! Remember, your wedding day is about you so customise at much as you can and don’t settle for less than what will make you happy!

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