Even before your wedding day you want to start recording your new life together with your partner. As a photographer on the Central Coast I can understand the importance of freezing moments in time so you can look back at them again later. Think of it as your own special time machine! You will need to start recording your memories from when you are dating, through to your engagement and then, of course, the wedding and honeymoon.

The Importance of Original Digital Images

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There are a lot of photographers out there that will charge thousands of dollars and then not allow you to have the original digital files. These are essential these days as they will not only allow you to get prints later, but they can also be used to create photo books and can be edited to create cool wall art. When you are shopping around for a photographer be sure to check if you will be given a CD or DVD with the images on them.

 Different Types of Image Edits

Once you have made sure that you will have your wedding photos in a digital format you can start to look at different types of image edits.

  • Black and White – classic black and white always makes for some great framed prints in your home or even for gifts.
  • Sepia – similar to black and white in its classic look, but is more like an aging photograph.
  • Colour edits – if you have a particular colour in your decor you can try bold full colour edits, using one or two colours instead of the standard photo.

There are also many other types of edits in programs such as photo shop that can make a photo a bit different. You can even try an Andy Warhol style pop art wall hanging of you and your partner.

Having Professional Help

If you are not so great with an image editing program then you can always employ the services of a professional graphic designer. You might be surprised that it is not overly expensive to have a few images retouched or edited in the style you want. However, you should also check with your photographer before you book them to see if they can create the types of images that you might want.

Remember, having all of your images on your computer is nice but having them printed and displayed is much more important. If you have your photos hidden away on CDs or hard drives get them out and make some fun and fantastic wall art!


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