This delightful foiled letterpress wedding invite was designed by Pocadot Invitations in Australia. You can visit their website at as they have produced custom wedding stationery for brides around the world.

Heavy card stock for a luxurious feel

The extra heavy card stock is essential for letterpress because of the pressure of the plates in this traditional printing process. It also has the added benefit of giving the cards a heavy and luxurious feel.

pocadot invitations foiled letterpress invitation 2

Elegance of gold foil

Gold foil can be used in two ways for your wedding stationery – in a simple and elegant way, or in a flashy “bling” way. In this case the look is extremely elegant with subtle use of the gold foiling. Remember, sometimes less is more!

pocadot invitations foiled letterpress invitation 3

Letterpress is always in style

The great thing about foiled letterpress wedding stationery is that it is always in style. Keep in mind that it is a touch more expensive than other options (due to the labour involved), but it is your special day. so why not splurge?

pocadot invitations foiled letterpress invitation

This design is exclusive to Pocadot Invitations based here in Australia. Please find their website link at the top of this page for more information.