Before you book your stationery, it is always smart to make a list of everything you need printed for your wedding. You already know that you will need wedding stationery, but things like wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and RSVP cards come in prior to the big day.

Wedding day stationery

You will want to have an invitation as well as your “day-of” wedding stationery, such as a seating sign to help guests locate their tables. Place cards may be an optional day of wedding stationery item if you prefer to have no assigned seating at tables. Your place cards can also be a great way to incorporate your wedding theme into the stationery.

While most signage on a wedding day is informational and helps to direct your wedding guests to specific locations, certain stationery can, and definitely should, be a little bit more playful.

You really could have stationery for absolutely everything at your wedding, so below, we list items we see at many weddings, and depending on your style, what is important to you, and your budget. Depending on the event, you might even want a fair amount of signage as well, pointing your guests in the right direction, and making sure that they are aware of any key details before the wedding ceremony begins. If your wedding is being held in a larger venue with several events happening during your big day, consider printing out a lot of directional signage.

Your wedding invites

Whether you decide to go professional and use a wedding stationery service, or if you would like to create the invitations and stationery yourself using a DIY wedding stationery kit or digital design templates, the important details like the date, location, lodging options, and any gift registry information need to be clearly stated. If you are holding the reception later in the day or in another location compared to the wedding, including reception details in a separate card is a nice gesture so that you can spell out all of the details. More details should be included on your invitation suite, since it will usually include an appropriate info card that includes details about your wedding day, like; dress code, timeline, children’s policies, parking, accommodations, and any formalities that guests should be aware of beforehand.

This is the time when you will want to confirm any remaining elements (such as seating chart layout, menu options, ceremony programme words and seating cards) with your Stationery Designer, once the RSVPs and details for the wedding day are finalised. We suggest starting with your base, non-negotiable stationery details (for most couples, your base will include save-the-dates, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and thank-you cards) then adding on to that according to your budget, priorities, and style requirements for your day.