One of the most important parts of your wedding preparation is your wedding invitations, after all, if you don’t invite anyone, no one will come! So how do you know what is the right type of wedding invitations for you? Well, first of all you need to establish the theme of your wedding.

Fitting Your Wedding Invitation to Your Theme

Finding the right colours for your wedding invitations is just as important as finding the right colours for the rest of your wedding. Before you order or design your wedding invitations you need to look at the colours you are going to be using in your wedding. You will want to have an overall design plan for your wedding.

Wedding colours will usually be combined with white. So chances are you will be looking at a main colour such as blue, red or purple and a white or cream. It is also important to make sure that your wedding invitation will suit the general feel of your wedding.

 Modern vs Classic

Classic wedding invitations never really go out of fashion and you can always get ideas from old fashioned invitations. The good news about having wedding invitations done in this modern age is that you can pretty much choose any font your want. However, if you want other stylistic combinations to work then you probably need to look at hiring a graphic designer to do your invitations.

Cost Considerations for Wedding Invitations

A lot of people think that if they design and make their own wedding invitations it will save them a lot of money. However, it really isn’t going to be the case. Once you try and do it yourself you will have to learn everything about invitation making. It will eat up a lot of your precious time before the wedding so quite often it is better to spend a little bit more and go all out on your wedding invitations, as well as have them done properly!


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