Living in Australia can sometimes mean that you are looking at the wedding trends happening in countries like the United States or United Kingdom and wish that you could have the same. We have a very strong wedding industry here in Australia but many of the businesses have been around for some time and (let’s face it) are looking a little old fashioned if you are a young, modern bride. Instead of the standard wedding invitations there are great local Australian wedding invite producers that create custom designs for your wedding.

When it comes to designers you should know not just if they are “crafty” but if they are a professionally qualified graphic designer. Many wedding stationary producers are hobbyists that do not possess any formal training in graphic design – so you can forget your ultra-cool and modern wedding invites you’ve seen on Pinterest or elsewhere from overseas – cue the ribbon + card + a few shiny bits.

The Importance of Typography

Typography is REALLY in vogue at the moment – from wall art right through to wedding invite design – typography is the art of making text look AWESOME!

You can see in the above examples that your fonts are really important in your wedding invites, and other stationary.

The Benefit of Custom Designed Wedding Invitations

Rather than the stock standard “choose a template” type of wedding invitations that are the most common – using a custom designer means your invitation and other wedding stationary is only limited by your imagination. We love Pocadot Invitations custom design work because each and every design that is showcased on their website is actually done for a wedding. So you can get some great inspiration from what other brides have done, but alter it to your own tastes and style.

A big thank you to Pocadot Invitations Australia for the amazing photos! If you would like to have custom designed, unique wedding invitations for your special day make sure you like their page on Facebook and head to their site at Pocadot Invitations.