Your maid of honor is the most special woman in your bridal party, and it is nice to do something to distinguish her. There are quite a few ways that the maid of honor can be set apart from the rest of the bridesmaids while still maintaining the overall cohesion of the group. Learn how to make your maid of honor stand out at your wedding.

A Stand Out Dress

The bridesmaid dress offers some great possibilities for distinguishing your maid of honor. For instance, if all of your bridesmaids will be wearing tangerine dresses, you could add a fuchsia sash to the maid of honor’s dress. Or if all of the dresses have sashes, give your top honor attendant a sparkly brooch to wear on her sash. Be sure that it matches the style of the bridesmaid jewelry sets. Sometimes brides wonder if they can put their maid of honor in a long dress and have the other ladies wear knee length styles, but I wouldn’t recommend that. While it will set her apart, it will also put her attire on a different level of formality, which will be odd.

Special Bridesmaid Jewelry

Another way to set your chief bridesmaid apart is by giving her an extra special gift of bridesmaid jewelry. What brides often do is add an extra piece to the set, so if you give your bridal party earrings and a bracelet, you could add a matching necklace to your maid of honor’s gift. Or you could give your bridal party engraved silver bracelets and upgrade the maid of honor’s bracelet to gold. Some brides might opt to give each woman a similar suite of jewelry, but give her chief attendant a larger pair of earrings or a double strand necklace instead of a single strand.

A Bigger Bouquet

Flowers are another wonderful way to pay special tribute to your head attendant. There are a couple of ways to go about it. The simplest option is to give the maid of honor a larger version of the same bouquet the rest of the bridesmaids carry. Another possibility is to give her different flowers or a different color of the same flowers. Her bouquet can be used as a visual bridge between the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets. For example, let’s say that the bride plans to carry white orchids, but they are too expensive to use for all five of her bridesmaids, so chooses white roses for them instead. The maid of honor’s bouquet could half roses and half orchids to tie the whole set of flowers together nicely.

More Ideas

There are several additional ideas for setting your chief attendant apart. If your ladies will be wearing floor length dresses, hers could have a tiny sweep train. Or she could wear a little jacket over her dress. You can even let your maid of honor choose a different color dress than the rest of the group. Without a doubt, everyone will see just how special your maid of honor is to you.

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