We all want to keep all of the memories of our wedding day but it is such a busy time that a lot of it is going to be a blur. Now apart from the wedding invitations, your wedding dress the only memories you might have are the photos and video of the event. While these are all important things to keep there are other things that you can have to remember your wedding day.

We look at some of the less conventional things to keep and how to better remember your wedding day!

 Keeping Your Wedding Flowers

With all the excitement of the ceremony and the reception it can be difficult to remember to keep the flowers that you use. Having flowers from your wedding day preserved is a great way to bring back strong memories. But how can you keep them preserved? Well, there are two main ways:

  • Traditional Drying – this involves hanging them in a dark, dry place and letting them dry out. This style makes the flowers brittle and lose colour.
  • Freeze Dried – If you freeze dry your flowers they will look a lot more like they were when they were fresh. This is a lot more expensive but is worth it especially as a framed wall hanging.

Make sure you book in a freeze dried flower place well in advance as you will probably have to courier your bouquet to them straight after the wedding.

Extra Special Guest Books

Guest books are another great way to reminisce about your special day and there are a number of ways to do them. It has become more popular these days to have photos of guests with their comments and you can also make this fun by hiring a photo booth. The other option is to have the guest book comments without a photo and add photos from the wedding at a later date.

There are so many ways to easily bring back the memories of that special day but always remember to make new memories after you’re married. You can do this by having a photography shoot or just planning something romantic. However, you should always make some time to whip out those wedding albums and DVDs every year or so!

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