While a wedding is about the union between two people that love each other it is also an occasion where bride and groom can get dressed up. It is an opportunity for a bride to wear their dream dress and so a grooms clothing is often overlooked. It is true that the bride is the most important part of the ceremony but the groom has to look their best as well.

Matching the Bride

The grooms and other male wedding party members should at least match the wedding theme. While the bride will usually be dressed in white they will have some specific colours to work with in such things as the bouquets and bridesmaids dresses. Sticking with white and another primary colour such as blue or red can make things a lot easier.

Being Themselves

It is a great idea for the men’s wedding outfits will also fit their personality and there are a number of different suits and colours. Do not let the groom go too far though as you don’t want them to be looking too casual unless that is the theme of the wedding. It is also important that the groom stands out from the best man and the groomsmen.

This can be achieved by using flowers, slightly stronger colours, or a more dressy style of suits. You can even have a completely separate style and colour of suit just for the groom as long as it matches the theme of the wedding or even add a hat!

Comfortable but Dressy is the order of the day!

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