Pinterest was one of the best websites that I used when I was planning my wedding. It is perfect for helping you visualise as well as search through a lot of visual information in a short period of time. Not only that, but I also organised all of my colour ideas, flowers, dresses and much more into my own sections on my Pinterest account. It was really useful for checking out other people’s likes and ideas when it comes to weddings and while reading blog posts was useful I really needed to see a lot of pictures to get ideas for my big day.

Wedding search on Pinterest

A search for any wedding stuff on Pinterest will give you an entire world of ideas.

Creating Your Pinterest Wedding Galleries

Getting your wedding  galleries started is as easy as starting a Pinterest account (you can sign up with Facebook or Twitter) and naming them. Here are a few ideas for the galleries you should start before digging through the thousands of amazing images and ideas:

  • ¬†Wedding invitations
  • Wedding dresses
  • Flowers
  • Table settings
Wedding invitations

Pinterest will help you plan your wedding invitations and let you know what to ask your designer for.

You can keep adding galleries as you go and even create some to cover wedding colours or particular themes. To get yourself started you will find a lot of other brides or married women will have already created particular wedding themed galleries.

Sharing with Your Fiance

The greatest thing about Pinterest is that it is much easier to make your finace sit through your wedding planning. Instead of having to show them a bunch of different magazines you can have them look through your albums. If you have a really great future husband they might even create their own when they are looking for suit styles or other features of the wedding.

Wedding suits

Wedding suits on Pinterest

Good luck with your wedding planning and hopefully Pinterest can help you visualise your dream day! You can visit here.

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