Your first dance is a very important part of the wedding service and one of the few times in your life (apart from when you have had too much to drink in a club) that everyone will stand around to check out your moves. So how can you make it extra special, or even a little bit different? A wedding dance needs to reflect you both as a couple, and sometimes this means:

  • A quirky and fun dance
  • Something classic
  • Just dancing however

Quirky Dances Becoming More Popular

In recent times quirky wedding entrances have really become popular and many have been posted on YouTube. However, some brides and grooms want to have a bit of fun with their first dance, especially if they don’t want to just do a waltz as they think it will bore everyone. Here are some fun ideas for a first, quirky wedding dance:

That one had a bit of everything and the couple did amazingly well to remember all of it.

No a song you would have thought you could choose for your first dance!

Keeping it Classic

A quirky dance is not for everyone so you may just want to keep it classic with a traditional dance. This does not have to be waltz but just something at a slow to medium pace. However, if you are going to choose a traditional dance then go for some lessons and even have it choreographed for you as many instructors will teach a mixed style of dance.

Anything Goes for First Dance

Ok, not really into dancing? Well you can easily show your love by just getting out there and dancing with your new husband or wife. This may not have a polished look but it is your wedding so who really cares? The first dance is just about hitting the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.If you want to have no particular dance then a slow dance in each others arms is usually the best option.

Good luck with your wedding preparations and remember to use your dancing as a way to bond and strengthen your relationship before your marriage.


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