Traditionally, every year of marriage has its own unique gift that symbolizes how far the marriage has come, and the qualities that should be present in the marriage. If you’re looking for an anniversary gift for a loved one, you can choose any of these wedding gifts by year. If you like, you can also look up a selection of wedding anniversary flowers that you can include with your gifts. Flowers include everything from carnations, to violets to roses and everything in between.

The First Anniversary is Cloth or Paper

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated by cloth or paper gifts. In the UK, it is most common to give cloth gifts. The flower for the first anniversary is a carnation. Great gifts are made of either paper or cloth. You can choose out of a variety of gifts including romantic clothing, a nice dress for her or shirt or suit for him, a journal or calendar and a wide range of other gifts.

Celebrate the Fifth with Wood

Your fifth anniversary is meant to celebrate the duration of your new relationship. Like a young tree, you are growing up strong together. Usually it is also traditional to plant a tree on your fifth wedding anniversary. Great gifts include wooden boxes or jewelry boxes, furniture, wooden jewelry, clothing and jewelry made out of wood. You can also choose sapphires, blue clothing, or even anything else that your spouse would appreciate.

Aluminum 10th Anniversary Gifts

Aluminum celebrates the strength and flexibility required of any lasting marriage, and if you’ve made it this far, you’re likely to go a lot further. Celebrate your wedding with traditional gifts of tin jewelry, tin paper weights, tin decorations (such as statuettes or wind chimes) and even tin cuff links. You can also purchase aluminum clocks and photo frames that can be used to commemorate your special day.

15th Wedding Anniversary Crystal

A fifteenth wedding anniversary is celebrated by the beautiful stone crystal. Quartz is one of the most widely used stones because it is beautiful, comes in multiple colors and is very strong. Crystal formations grow in dark places, under pressure, and where miners expect them least. Let your love be the same. Crystal can be purchased in the form of jewelry, in watches, in stones or etc. You can also purchase commemorative personalized shirts or mugs.

25th Anniversary Silver

The 25th anniversary is your first quarter of a century with your spouse! Many couples choose to celebrate it with a vow renewal and will often exchange silver wedding rings. The traditional gift for a 25th wedding anniversary is silver, and it can be purchased in the form of jewelry, cuff links, watches or even something less valuable such as silver coins or even silver plated mementos. Silver clothing also makes a great gift choice for this wedding anniversary.

50th Wedding Anniversary

Often called the golden wedding anniversary, the 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated with gold. While you can choose to make a purchase of gold for your spouse, some couples give golden roses instead. While not as valuable, golden roses are equally beautiful, and will tell your spouse that you care. You can also request a greeting from the pope for your fiftieth wedding anniversary!

There are hundreds of beautiful wedding gifts that do not fit into the traditional categories. If you would like to get someone something else as a wedding anniversary gift, try getting it, and then adding a traditional flower to the mix. You can add a twist of traditional and modern gifts to create a beautiful and memorable wedding anniversary. Most importantly, you should spend every anniversary together in celebration of your love and your marriage.

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