There is no way of avoiding it – your wedding day will be stressful at some point. Whether it is a rush to the ceremony, sitting and getting makeup done or just something that isn’t quite right with your reception, but there are ways to better prepare for wedding day stress. The key to reducing the amount of stress you will go through on your wedding day is to start planning everything as early as possible and in as much detail as possible.

What You Can Get Done Early

Most Australian weddings are within a year and a bit of an engagement (so well away from the dreaded wedding day stress!). Even if you are planning a long engagement take as much time as you can to organise everything.

  • Wedding Stationary – this will include your save the date cards, engagement invitations, wedding invitations and table setting and seating guides.
  • Reception and Church – you will need to at least start hunting around for a place to hold your wedding. Shop around as this will give you a better idea of prices and what your dream location might be.
  • Wedding Dress – this can take some time to find the right one, so give yourself plenty of time so you are happy with your wedding dress on the big day.

Stress Prep Before the Big Day

Make the time to speak with your partner about the wedding. No, I don;t mean the planning, you’ll be doing that anyway, but just about what it means to both of you. Keeping this positive light on your wedding will help you focus your attitude and push any stressful thoughts into the background. This will also help you both talk about anything that you both fear could go wrong on the day so you can have a laugh as well.

A Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Wedding Stress

Because you probably want to look good for your wedding it is likely that you want to start exercising and eating better. The funny thing is that stress can either help you gain weight or lose it – depending on your reaction. However, eating a healthy balanced diet will help you feel better and stop most anxiety. A great food to eat to maintain some extra happiness is bananas! Daily exercise will also help you keep your mind clear and your body happy.

Take a Deep Breath, You’re Getting Married!

Ok, so on the day of your wedding there will be a million things going on at the same time. You will have planned what you could have planned so it is time to let go. Your bridesmaids and other parts of the bridal party are there to help you, so remember you can rely on them. The most important thing is to enjoy your day no matter what – even if something goes wrong. Remember, everything that happens on your wedding day – good and bad – is a precious memory.

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