One of the most exciting days of a couple’s life is their wedding day and one of the hardest decisions for the guests is the choosing of a present. Thinking of the ideal gift for those who are getting married can be something of a hard task and there’s a lot to be said for getting it right. In fact, any celebration that involves present time, gifts and surprises can be a hard one. Here are a few for a wedding that you can decide to use Present Time UK for or go your own way.


Though you won’t utilise the services of Present Time UK here, money is often one of the most useful gifts you can give a couple and can allow them the freedom to save for something they really want. For many young couples this can be put towards a home, a car or some other big item that they can’t afford at the time.

This money can also be put towards a honeymoon or allow them to order some extra goodies for after the wedding. It is rude to ask for money, but not rude to receive it and if you place it inside something personal like a picture frame, or gadget – it’s all the more personal.

Gift Lists

Present time gifts can come up with some great solutions for wedding gifts; however, nowadays many couples have a gift list. This list has a whole range of items on it that can vary significantly in price. Purchasing the most expensive of all gifts can be one of the best ways to show your appreciation. You don’t even have to purchase it alone – why not get others to join you and get it between groups of friends. The couple will appreciate it either way.


Why not give them a night to remember with a great hotel for their first night as a married couple. Or even for the first night of their honey moon. This can be a very kind and well thought out gift that really allows the couple to enjoy themselves and also ensures you give them a gift to remember. There surely are a number of enjoyable and fun hotels in the immediate area or near the airport if they are travelling the next day. This sort of luxury is something to be remembered for a long time.

A Wedding Present that Lasts

Whether it is a good bottle of wine or a beautiful bottle of whiskey, buying the couple a wedding present that will last the test of time is also a great gift. Perhaps leave them instructions to open it after 10 years of marriage, or to drink it after their first child’s birth. This is the sort of gift that lasts a lifetime and often something the couple may want to share with you as a celebration of friendship a long time down the road – another cause of celebration.

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