Your wedding is a very important day for you and everything has to go right. The food has to be perfect, the bride’s dress has to be stunning and the wedding photographer has to be phenomenal. Pictures captured during weddings are meant to last forever and should only be taken by the best. Here are some wedding photography mistakes to avoid for desirable results.

1. Failing to Finalize the D-day’s Schedule

Professional photographers have to take into consideration a lot of factors to ensure your pictures come out just right. Factors such as time of day the pictures will be taken and what area this will be happening will affect how good your photos turn out.

2. Failing to Stick to the Finalized Schedule

Respect your photographers business by sticking to the schedule. Most people assume there won’t be too much damage since the photo shoot takes just a few minutes to complete. If you want everything to go well for you, be there on time and ensure everything goes as planned.

3. Allowing Relatives and Friends to get in the Way

In almost every wedding, there will be a relative or friend who thinks they are doing you a favour by taking more photos of you and your spouse. The truth is, most of them won’t be taking professional photos and likely to get in the way of the professional wedding photographer.

4. Failing to Explain What you Expect from Photos

Make sure you explain to the photographer the kinds of pictures you would like for your wedding. You could also try coming with your photo album and explain what you would like from the professional.

5. Not Having a Second Shooter

Most brides don’t see the need for a second shooter and view it as a waste of money. This is far from the truth. A second shooter is able to capture images from a different perspective, helping you acquire more from the shoot.

6. Posing

The photographer gives directions on what to do when taking photos for a reason. Relaxing and acting natural leads to smashing photos. Don’t try to pose for the wedding photos unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing or after instructions from the photographer.

7. Doing Last Minute Booking

Most couples wait until the last minute before booking for a wedding photo service. This is never a good idea. Most good photographers won’t be available for long as they are always in business. Waiting until the last week before booking can end up ruining your experience since it is most likely that all the good ones will have been taken by then.

8. Failing to Provide a ”Don’t Takes” List

Most photographers get in the zone where they believe everything is going down perfectly. Throwing them off their creative approach by spilling your feelings on the photos just taken is never a good thing. Discuss with your photographer the types of photos you wouldn’t want taken prior to the D-day. This can be anything from photos where you are not smiling to close up photos.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want to remember it with good photos. For this reason, take time when selecting your photographer. to ensure everything goes down well.