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Who do you invite to your wedding particularly if you have a limit on the number of guests? To begin with, it is a great chance to look at who is important in you and your partner’s life. Typically, weddings will be weighted 50/50 between the bride and the groom although this can change depending on the location or the size of both partners’ families.

 The Wedding Party

The most important guests on your wedding day are those you will invite to be in the wedding party. This will include a maid of honour, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Depending on you preferences these may be a mix of family and close friends. It is best to stick to people you have known for a long time as they will also be making some speeches at the wedding.

Wedding Photography

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The size of the wedding party will also include flower girls and page boys which are usually family members as well. This means that your invitation list will already include quite a few people that will ‘automatically’ be invited to the wedding. It is still important to make a very precise list of everyone that is coming especially when it comes to family.

Family and Family Friends

The most important people (apart from you of course!) at your wedding will be you and your partners parents. It will be a proud day for them as you tie the knot and they will want to have extended family there too. This will include aunties, uncles and even cousins depending on how close you are with your family.

Many of you will also have family friends that you class as Aunties and Uncles as well. A wedding is a special time in a bride and grooms life and you want to be able to share it with as many people that have been involved in your life. This means that everyone at your wedding is part of your important milestone.

Friends and Acquaintances

Then you want to add all of those close friends to your wedding invite list! Let’s face it, a wedding would be no fun without your friends there and if they are not in the wedding party you want them to be at the ceremony and the reception. So while a majority of your wedding guests will be family, the ‘fun’ will be added by your friends!

When putting your wedding list together it is important to group them in order of priorities. This may mean that you will invite some aunties and uncles, but not their older children for example. Most people understand the expenses of a wedding these days so those people who have missed out (but are important to you) should not feel so bad.

Good luck with making your wedding guest list and remember to triple check it!

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