Hi everyone! I have been very busy lately and also went away for a bit of a break but rest assured I am getting back into planning some new articles, photos and videos for WWW! Thanks for all the great feedback on the site, and I am glad so many of you are finding it helpful.

I really want to start putting together some helpful places to find further information and even a business directory. Let me know what you all think about that as it would make the site even more useful! I would like to thank Pocadot.com.au again for all the great images of their invitations that we have used on the site before, I really hope to share some more again soon.

Saying that, if you do offer a wedding service or even have a venue and just want to share some piccies and a bit about you then we will be looking at that in the near future. At the moment I am still a little swamped with getting my full time business off the ground – copywriting, web design and online marketing, so please bear with me!

Again, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has been visiting, reading and getting some useful information out of the site. I hope to add even more really useful stuff very soon but I will keep any changes updated here anyway!

Take care and if you are planning your wedding then I hope you have a beautiful day and that all your planning goes perfectly (it won’t, but it will still be fine, trust me!) Thanks from Wonderful Wedding World!

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