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Stunning floral inspired wedding stationery

We're featuring some of the amazing designs of Pocadot Invitations - now based near Newcastle in New South Wales Australia. They are simply beautiful floral invitation designs, and make sure you follow Rachel on Instagram, or check out their wedding invitation site....

Boho Bridal Braids Hair Tutorial

Check out this amazing boho bridal hair tutorial if you're looking for some inspiration for your wedding day hair. These big braids look amazing with the right hair and the right style of wedding. Especially suited to a boho themed ceremony and reception. Even if you...

Dazzling diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are a girls best friend, especially when they’re attached to a dazzling engagement ring.

Wonderful winter wonderland weddings

Want to walk in a winter wonderland for your wedding? Here is some amazing photographic inspiration.

The Coast Bar and Restaurant – Central Coast NSW

The Coast Bar and Restaurant is situated right on the waterfront in Gosford New South Wales and gives couples an exclusive feel at an accessible location. We were recently lucky enough to check out the venue during their first wedding expo. Light filled areas all with...

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4 Elegant wedding earring ideas

These beautiful wedding earring pictures will give you some great ideas for what to wear on your own special day. Today we look at elegant, classic style wedding earrings. Remember, every bride is different and we do, of course, approve of bling and flashy jewellery...

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4 Wedding necklaces with extra bling!

We've found some amazing wedding necklaces to showcase here on the site and they all have a little extra bling. So if you're looking to glam it up on your wedding day, check out these amazing necklaces for some bling wedding necklace style ideas: Super colourful with...

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Unique wedding tattoo ideas

Don't like the idea of having a wedding ring or perhaps a ring just isn't permanent enough? While we know these aren't "jewellery" pieces, we've posted this in our wedding jewellery section as they seem a lot more permanent than just a ring! Very suitable for the...

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100 years of engagement rings

Some styles can be timeless, but this amazing video shows 100 years of different engagement ring styles and fashions. This is not only interesting but will give you some great ideas for your own engagement or wedding ring - maybe share this on Facebook and tag your...

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Gold wedding cake

This stunning 5 tier wedding cake looks like it would be both beautiful and delicious at any wedding ceremony. The gold in this cake is lovely, as it's not "gaudy" at all, which can sometimes be a danger with using things like gold. The flowers on the side make it a...

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How to make a floral tiered naked cake

Naked cakes are unbelievably trendy and this one is no exception. A beautiful tiered floral naked cake to be exact! You could easily match this with whatever floral arrangements and colour schemes you have chosen for your wedding. Remember, as we always say, think...

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How to make a blue rosette wedding cake

These stunning blue rosettes can of course be done in other colours but don't you just love this deep blue? Even if you aren't going to make your own wedding cake, this will certainly give you some amazing ideas for yours. Watch the video now: Remember, planning a...

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